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Human hair extensions come in all different forms

Great Hair, Good Hair, and Cheap Hair

Like the old saying; you get what you pay for. Consequently, the same is true with who you choose to have install your hair extensions and with what method used to install them.

You have one head of hair, if you trust it to someone who has literally no business touching your hair, you could have irreversible damage.

Everyone is on here trying to get your business and sometimes at the risk of your own safety AND health of your hair.

If this is something you are wanting~ and honestly, why wouldn’t you want long healthy luscious hair?

Be Hair Smart:

PLEASE don’t just look for price. Do your research and find out what methods are safe, and ONLY go to someone who is both LICENSED ~ they know how to propery cut and blend hair, and CERTIFED ~ they have been property trained to install extension hair and have the proper tools. Most importantly they must WORK OUT OF A SALON ~ salons back their work.

Get references and review their portfolio and website and make sure they have done at least 30 full head installs.

Be Hair Wise:

If need be, save your money to get the best before you just settle and get cheap hair done by someone who really shouldn’t be doing it. You will end up paying for it one way or another…


I am here if you would like to come see me for a consultation. I will go over evey method avail to you and help educate you on what is safe and what isnt. I am licensed, certified and been doing hair extensions for over 11 years.. I am passionate about what I do and I will care for your hair as I care for my own.
References available on request.