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A course developed by a stylist for you the stylist…

You can take a class to learn how to install extensions.. but are you learning how to develop your business with solutions, compassion, understanding and strategy?
Are you learning how to properly and strategically set yourself apart?
After years of reseach, development and experience, I have created a course that will teach you all that and much more…
Allow me the privledge to share with you….Not just beautiful hair, but hair that will touch your life…Hair without compare…

If you are wanting to learn the business of Hair Extensions, then THIS is the course for you.

This is a company set apart from others that will teach you the entire business of Hair Extensions.
Understanding everything, from educating yourself, your clients, and how to professionally run your business~ that is what will set you apart and allow you to develop a full clientele with repeat business for years to come.


Upon leaving this class, you will be able to  offer the Safest Hair Extensions to your clients, and be equipped, educated and confident to know what you are doing and why, and how to form a long lasting professional relationship with each of your clients and increase your demand and income.


We believe that bringing the best available products to your client along with expert training is the key to building a lasting relationship and business with your clients. We use only 100% tangle free human hair. Only available to licensed, certified stylists thru Mane of Your Dreams.We have our own custom label along with Safe custom tools. Utilizing the finest materials on the market, utilizing “HC” technology to insure when you tell your clients this is safe… it IS! NO HEAT, NO SEWING NO BRAIDING NO GLUE AND NO DAMAGE! Our products also come beautifully pre-packaged for you. There are 10 Beautiful Colors to choose from.This hands on training will teach you everything you need to know, understand and complete to work with your client to bring the best, safest hair extensions to them. Your complete course with great marketing strategies is $1200.00 which includes a beautiful kit with all your tools.
Upon completion you will receive this beautiful certificate to display at your station to  ensure to your clients that you have taken the time and energy to educate yourself.

Also Upon completion of our course, we welcome you to attend any of our classes  up to one year for free… gain more confidence, or brush up on your skills.

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Here are some pictures from our latest class on June 11, 2012

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How It’s Done

Our hands on training will leave you with the confidence and skills you need to go out and create the most beautiful hair extensions for your clients. Our marketing segment will give you the tools to set yourself apart and get the word out. If no one knows what you do, how will you succeed?  We will train you how. Our hair and products will give  you the salon/stylists a point of difference. Offering the best products, education and care. Mane of Your Dreams..

Our Hair Extension system is a locking method with custom made tools to ensure the integrity and safety for your clients hair. You will rest assure knowing what you tell the client that this method is safe… it IS!  The tools have been created to open  and close the cylinders in the most gentlest way without damaging their hair. The cylinders are lined with a “HC” technology to protect the hair of both their hair and, the extension hair. Our Hair is 100% human Remy hair that does not shed, nor tangle. The tips on this hair have a special coating to keep the shape of the hair to insure quick easy maintenance for up to 9 months, or more in some cases.  Regular maintenance every two months will help to ensure clients hair is safe and growing and extension hair is properly cared for.

Do i love to do hair??? you bet i do!
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Hourly charges or flat rate will increase your demand and income.

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