Hair Thinning after Gastric Bypass Surgery? We Can Help!

When it comes to hair loss, we can understand how you must be feeling; you’re embarrassed, you’re confused, and you’re looking for a solution – fast! Each and every day, I have people come to me and ask if I can help them with this problem and the answer is yes, of course I can! Regardless of whether you have thin hair, thinning hair, fine hair or hair that just doesn’t grow as fast as you’d like, I can help.

If we were to sit here and list all of the factors that may lead to the thinning of your hair, we’d be here all day. So to narrow down our focus, let’s talk about one particular type of surgery that you probably wouldn’t expect to affect your hair follicles: gastric bypass.

Roughly half of the women who have undergone gastric bypass surgery have reported noticing loss or thinning of hair. Why does this happen? Well when your body begins to rapidly lose weight, it in turn results in the reduction of nutrients and vitamins that attribute to the health of your hair. Not only this, but with significant weight loss comes a fluctuation in hormone levels, which causes hair growth to change or be stunted.

Before you start panicking, it’s important to understand that this hair loss is temporary in most cases. So instead of switching up your prescription routine or taking additional supplements, try something a bit less drastic – and less dangerous. Our hair extension method is applied with the utmost care and by utilizing the best products made especially for my company, we can offer a safe and affordable alternative to glue and sewing methods.

We’ll not only give you back the gorgeous volume and length you’ve been missing, but the use of copper in our cylinders has actually been known to help your natural hair grow back much faster. You have nothing to lose by calling to schedule a complementary consultation. No more suffering; let’s find out how we can assist you in creating the Mane of Your Dreams!

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