Can You Style Your Hair Extensions Like Your Natural Hair?

Once you’ve made the big decision not to live with damaged, thinning hair anymore, you may have a lot of big expectations. Not only do you want your locks to be luscious and attention-grabbing in all the right ways, but you want your extensions to look, feel and act like real human hair; you want it to be as though you’re not even wearing extensions.

Here at Mane of Your Dreams, we not only understand this, but we know you deserve this. That’s why we get it when our clients have questions about styling. One of the main questions we get from the ladies that step through our salon doors is, “Can I straighten, curl, cut or color my extensions?” Not only are they wary of whether or not their extensions will take to different styling treatments, but they are concerned that the use of chemicals and heated tools will damage the new locks.

The truth of the matter however, is that these worries are insignificant. Extensions used at the Mane of Your Dreams salon are 100 percent human hair, meaning that you can treat it just as you would your own natural head of hair. Of course, if you’re hoping to reuse your extensions for an extensive period of time, we would recommend that you be a bit gentler but for the most part, you’re free to go about your day-to-day life styling your new gorgeous locks however you please.

For additional information on styling, or for a few simple ideas on how to make the most of your hair extensions, contact Mane of Your Dreams today and take the first step towards a new life with long, gorgeous, voluminous hair!

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