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Let’s Grow Your Hair

Enjoy the benefits of healthy, attractive and full head of hair!

Through advanced technology there is now a way safely and painlessly to Grow your own hair backā€¦.

Do you suffer from alopecia, thinning hair, thyroid deficiency hair, hereditary hair, or stress hair?

CryoDreams is here to help.

In the privacy of my salon studio you can receive treatments that are fast and effective.

We also offer treatment for anti aging, skin tightening and fat loss.

Packages are available and encouraged for maximum results

Cryotherapy a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss

CryoDreams for hair regrowth is an innovative treatment that exposes the patients scalp to subzero temperatures to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow to the follicles, and stimulate hair growth.

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective treatment that can help eliminate hair loss while also stimulating new growth. It has no side effects, making it perfect for people of all ages!

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The Coolest Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Skin will look and feel firmer, younger, and smoother!

Experience the CryoDreams difference get a younger looking skin without painful injections or surgery…

No redness. No puffiness. Just beautiful skin.

The CryoDreams facial is a quick and convenient way to give your skin a refresh. The non-invasive procedure uses vaporized nitrogen to tone and revitalize skin, leaving it looking refreshed and radiant.

Imagine a stream of vaporized liquid nitrogen gently blowing over your face. The coolness creates the tightening effect on skin, reducing fine lines and severe acne while also shrinking pores to minimum due to vasoconstriction (tightening). Collagen production is increased by this natural process that keeps it radiant without any red puffy or inflamed reactions often associated with other facials!

Benefits of Cryo-Facials

  • Anti-Aging & Skin Rejuvenation
  • Improve Collagen Production
  • Reduce Acne & Skin Blemishes
  • Refine Skin Appearance
  • More Plump Lips
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Enhances Skin Exfoliation
  • Strengthens the Skin

Watch Cryotherapy Skin Treatment in Action

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