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7 Deadly Sins of Shampoo


Why is drug store shampoo so bad for your hair? The packaging and smell of some of them is so pretty and official so why does your stylist cringe when you tell her you use Organix? Let’s break down some of the common ingredients of some of the most common drug store shampoos.

• SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE: a cheap cleansing agent also found in harsh detergents, like engine cleaner. In many shampoos SLS is the base ingredient. If it can dissolve engine grease, as you can imagine it dissolves the natural oils of your skin creating dryness and irritation. In the natural shedding process the average person sheds over 100 hairs a day. During shedding the open hair follicles are vulnerable to SLS damage by drying and irritating them. Unfortunately once hair follicles die, they can’t come back.

• SILICONES: you probably swear by your Pantene or tresseme because it’s so shiny!.. but it’s the plastic. Silicones are plastics that fill in your hair’s porosity. It locks out water and even air. It gives the hair the appearance of a smooth shiny surface and that slippery-when-wet feel. Over time the silicone builds up on the hair- making it heavy, lifeless, and dull. Remember it locks out moisture, so the hair becomes dried out and becomes a sponge to dirt. You get very shiny hair for a couple of days, but over time not letting in conditioners will just have them sit on the surface and your hair will be one weak and brittle.

• SODIUM CHLORIDE: aka… table salt! Great on a baked potato, not so much your hair. This is used as a thickener in shampoos but can cause a dry and itchy scalp by stripping your scalp of its natural moisture.

• POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL or PEG: another thickening agent in shampoos that strips hair

• MINERAL OIL: engine oil’s cousin! So you probably don’t want that on your hair. Your products claim to have argan or macadamia oil in them but at the bottom of the ingredient list they usually have less than 5 percent and use mineral oil as a cheap filler.

• PARABENS: prolong shelf life of products. They’re known for their toxic nature. Not only do they irritate they cause hormonal imbalance.

Honest Answers You Deserve.


There are so many people out there are offering hair extensions, licensed stylist and yes; even UNLICENSED…
It can be very difficult to discern who is qualified and trustworthy enough to do your hair. Make sure whoever you go to has been working with this system for a number of years…


Costs should include EVERYTHING~ don’t pay hourly for installation!


You might not pay for it financially~ but your hair sure will….. check out the pics- see the glue and braids I’ve removed?? Do you really want that in your hair?

Longer Hair:

Lets face it, the main reason you want hair extensions is to have longer, thicker hair, and that is because your hair is either not growing fast enough, or it just doesn’t have the capabilities to grow thicker and longer right now.

So its safe to assume you want longer hair, but you don’t want to “have” to wear them the rest of your life.

I totally understand, as, my hair will never be as thick as I would like it to be in the time frame I want, so I choose to wear extensions.

However, I don’t want my hair damaged in the process which would cause me to “have” to wear extensions the rest of my life or live with hair that is worse off then when I started with the extensions.

That is what lead me on my research, Training, certifications and tons more research to bring my clients, and yes myself the SAFEST, most natural looking and best product on the market today.

Be Aware:

It’s ALL GLUE. GLUE IS MADE FROM PROTEIN… Extensions should not stay in your hair for longer than 2 months without PROPER maintenance. The only way to remove GLUE from your hair is with a “solution”(acetone) and plyers! Don’t be fooled by all the hype and the promise of low cost. Don’t you deserve better?

My Method:

I primarily use the locking method; the tools and hair I use are custom made to my specifications. The hair and tools I use are not available on the market today for resale to anyone who is unlicensed/uncertified or not properly trained.

Lets face it, you want long hair. I understand; you not only want it safe, you need it safe if you want your hair to remain on your head.

With so many stylists out there, licensed and unlicensed, attempting to do hair extensions mainly for the extra money to pad their pockets with. They typically don’t care about the well being or integrity of your hair after you leave their chair, or in most cases their home. You wouldn’t go to a strangers home to get your hair done- would you?

Be Safe:

Please be careful and check out work and sectioning. If the sections are not clean and straight you can have potential damage. Hairs can be pulled and ripped out.

Don’t chance the possibility of PERMANENT damage to your precious locks to just anyone without the proper tools, training, and licensing; primarily to save a few bucks.

Licensed and Experienced

I am a licensed, certified, trained Stylist and Salon owner, and have been behind the chair for over 20 years. I stand behind my work and my hair. My goal is to give you the best hair extensions and salon experience ever without ruining your hair. That is what you want right?

I literally have tons of before and after’s of MY work, in my expanding portfolio. My portfolio samples are not taken from magazines of random folks. I have references and real samples. Most of all my work and passion speaks for itself. I have been featured on many shows for my work, passion, and my beautiful salon. I am very well known in the industry from coast to coast and I would feel privileged if you would come and see me, and allow me to share with you what I do, how I do it, and why. I have been doing this method for over 11 years and 98% of my clientle is this extension work.

Have The Mane of Your Dreams

You have one head of hair, if you damage it with glue, solvents, and have it applied by someone who really has no business doing it, or someone just starting out, your results could be detrimental and devastating to say to least. GLUE is GLUE- what ever verbage they tell you- if they use a liquid, or a heat tool, its GLUE

I have a few different alternatives as well to extensions for the top of your hair as well that might be thin and fine that extensions couldn’t cover.

My passion… Creating beauty, one head at a time…


Please feel free to check out my site, give me a call and lets schedule a complimentary consultation to get you on your way to the Mane of your Dreams.

I do not charge for consultations, all I ask is that you show up to your scheduled appointment. I look forward to meeting with you.


Human hair extensions come in all different forms


Great Hair, Good Hair, and Cheap Hair

Like the old saying; you get what you pay for. Consequently, the same is true with who you choose to have install your hair extensions and with what method used to install them.

You have one head of hair, if you trust it to someone who has literally no business touching your hair, you could have irreversible damage.

Everyone is on here trying to get your business and sometimes at the risk of your own safety AND health of your hair.

If this is something you are wanting~ and honestly, why wouldn’t you want long healthy luscious hair?

Be Hair Smart:

PLEASE don’t just look for price. Do your research and find out what methods are safe, and ONLY go to someone who is both LICENSED ~ they know how to propery cut and blend hair, and CERTIFED ~ they have been property trained to install extension hair and have the proper tools. Most importantly they must WORK OUT OF A SALON ~ salons back their work.

Get references and review their portfolio and website and make sure they have done at least 30 full head installs.

Be Hair Wise:

If need be, save your money to get the best before you just settle and get cheap hair done by someone who really shouldn’t be doing it. You will end up paying for it one way or another…


I am here if you would like to come see me for a consultation. I will go over evey method avail to you and help educate you on what is safe and what isnt. I am licensed, certified and been doing hair extensions for over 11 years.. I am passionate about what I do and I will care for your hair as I care for my own.
References available on request.

How Your Extensions Can Survive Your Workouts


A common question that we hear nearly every day is, “I work out daily; will this effect the quality of my hair extensions?” Very simply put, the answer is no. You can certainly maintain the quality of your extensions while managing a consistent fitness regime. It’s all about choosing the right installation method and taking the time to educate yourself on how to properly preserve your extensions throughout your workouts.

One way to keep your hair extensions intact during a workout is to keep your hair ties or head bands loose enough for the hair to breathe, which will help you avoid putting extra stress on the hair. Try this with a traditional high ponytail to help keep your extensions away from the sweat on your face and neck. Additionally, if you’re hitting the gym soon after visiting your hairstylist, a loose ponytail will help you to keep your post-salon hairstyle intact for a longer period of time.

Braiding your hair before heading to the gym is also a great idea. As long as you are not concerned about maintaining a particular hairstyle, braids will be a real help when it comes to keeping your hair away for the acidity of your sweat. What’s even more, they will help to keep your extensions from drying out and will prevent damage from occurring.

If your workouts involve a pool or end with a few minutes in the sauna, you can keep your strands salon-chic by wearing a swimming cap. While they won’t cause irreparable damage, the moisture and frizz can cause some tangles. If you’re protective of your mane like we are, avoid the situation and keep your extensions covered during these workouts or activities.

Follow up with a bit of post-workout care by hitting the showers. Consult with your hairstylist for recommendations on the best shampoos and conditioners to ensure that you are giving your extensions the best treatment possible.

Remember, just because you live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should be unable to experience the glamour of having great hair. Call Mane of Your Dreams today to set up a consultation.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions Throughout the Summer


Now that summer is in full swing, you’re probably spending a ton of time outside, soaking up the sun. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably hitting the beach or pool as much as possible throughout the week, and while there are plenty of amazing things that go along with this – i.e. cold drinks and gorgeous tans – there are also a number of aspects that can make life challenging for those with hair extensions.

On a hot California day, things such as salt water, chlorine and even our own sweat can have a major impact on the overall health of our hair extensions. So how do you manage to give your extensions the proper care without having to give up some of your favorite summertime activities?

Avoid Tangles – While a quick dip and a seemingly light breeze off the water may seem like no big deal, both can easily lead to a head full of tangles. If you’d like to go swimming, no worries; all you need to do is wet your hair in the shower, put in some leave-in conditioner and braid your hair. Once you’re done swimming or playing in the water, wash and dry your hair as normal. If you still find yourself with tangled strands, use a brush that is specifically intended for hair extensions. Their looped bristles are designed to glide easily through hair, without tugging at the extensions.

Use Skincare Products Carefully – If you know that you will be out in the sun for an extended period of time, you should always make sure that your skin is protected with sunscreen. However, just be sure that after you apply the lotion to your skin, you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your hair.

Use the Right Products – You treat your natural hair with only the best products, so why not do the same with your hair extensions? After all, you want to protect your investment. As we mentioned in our last blog post, you will want to steer clear of any haircare products that are made with sulfate, as it can rid your hair of its natural oils. Since being out in direct sunlight will be drying out your hair already, you don’t want to make matters worse with the wrong products.

When it comes to protecting your hair extensions during these brutal summer months, a quality leave-in conditioner and an extension brush will undoubtedly become your best friends. Don’t miss out on all that the season has to offer just because you’re nervous about the effects it will have on your extensions. Talk to the stylists here at Mane of Your Dreams – we’d be happy to expand on some of the points mentioned in this post and to point you towards the best products to get you through the heat!

Products You Should Never Use on Your Hair Extensions


When you’ve gone ahead and invested time and money into your hair extensions, it’s only natural that you would want to take care of them as best as possible. So if you find that over time, those extensions become a bit dried out and brittle, it might be time to start looking at the products that you’re using. Although your extensions may be 100% human hair, they don’t have the ability to replace natural oils or regrow.

Check out these great tips on the tips of hair products you should be avoiding when it comes to caring for your extensions:

Shampoos that contain sulphate – Sulphate is a pretty strong chemical that is used as a type of detergent, often found in toothpastes and cleansing products. In a shampoo, its main purpose is to get deep down in your roots for a really good clean, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to your extensions. When you wash your hair with a sulphate shampoo, it rids your of the natural oils that keeps your locks from drying out. While your naturally grown hair can replace that moisture, your extensions can’t.

Alcohol – Hair products containing alcohol will only leave your hair extensions in a tangled mess and cause strands to shed. So before you make a purchase, flip the label over and take a look at the ingredients; if alcohol is at the top of the list, move onto the next option.

Bristle Brushes – You may have used this type of brush on your natural locks in the past, but once you have extensions, it’s time to say goodbye to the bristles. Instead, opt for brushes that are advertised specifically for hair extensions so avoid breakage and shedding.

WEN Hair Products – This brand is the absolute worst for your hair extensions. Unfortunately, many women have found this out the hard way after discovering an increased amount of hair strands in the shower drains and hair brushes. If you want to keep your hair thick and luscious, we would highly recommend steering clear of all WEN products.

Overall, most every over-the-counter product should be avoided when it comes to hair extensions. If you are second guessing a purchase, simply put whatever you’re holding back on the shelf and consult the experts at Mane of Your Dreams. We’d be more than happy to recommend the best products to keep your extensions healthy and beautiful.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions


Once you’ve decided that you want to invest in extensions and that you would rather try our method of using Mane Tubes instead of damaging your natural hair with glue, sewn-ins or the fusion method, there’s only one thing left to decide: human hair or synthetic? A lot of people seem to be on the fence about this because though they believe that human hair would be better quality, the price of synthetic hair is also very appealingthree

That being said, we thought it would be a good idea to educate our readers even further about each alternative so that you are not making your decision purely based on price.

Appearance – The word “synthetic” literally means “fake” or “artificial,” meaning that the coloring used to make these particular extensions is never going to be an exact match to your own natural hair color.  Human hair on the other hand is, as the name suggests, actual human hair. It is absolutely possible that you could find human hair extensions to match your own shade and texture exactly, making it nearly impossible for anyone to tell which strands are real and which are fake.

Longevity – If you’re going to spend the time and money having hair extensions installed, you are obviously going to want to make sure that you pick ones that are going to give you your money’s worth and last for a long time. If you care for and treat your real human hair extensions well, it’s possible that they may last in good quality for up to a year. Unfortunately, synthetic hair doesn’t hold up the same, often frizzing and fraying after each wash. Because of this, you will be lucky to get three months out of your extensions.

Styling – Because human hair is natural, it will react the same way that your own head of hair would to heat. This means that you can continue with your routine use of curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers without worrying that your strands will burn or be ruined from the heat. The same cannot be said for synthetic hair, which is uber sensitive to high temperatures. Use a curling iron on synthetic extensions and you will be left with a melted mess.

So while you may be paying a higher price for your human hair extensions, you can clearly tell that the quality will more than pay for itself over time. Have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us here at Mane of Your Dreams!

Gain More than Just Length with Hair Extensions


One of the main requests women have when they step into our salon is that they want their hair extensions to give them the long, gorgeous locks that they can’t seem to get with their natural hair. Luckily for them however, hair extensions have the ability to give more than just length, but luscious, envy-worthy volume as well!


One of the major complaints that we hear on a daily basis is that women are sick of living with lifeless, thinning hair. Regardless of whether you’re struggling with a difficult condition, such as alopecia, glued-in extensions have left you nearly bald, or you’re just looking for a little excitement and oomph, cold process hair extension application is the right call for you. Believing that your only options are either painful/poor-quality extensions, a wig or simply settling for the hand you were dealt is unacceptable when Mane of Your Dreams is right here to help! On top of our amazing hair extension services, we also have a fabulous pharmaceutical anti-aging hair growth line to help make your own hair grow and stop thinning.

Worried that you’ve suffered so much hair loss that no hair stylist would even be able to apply extensions? Don’t worry; all we need is roughly two inches of hair to work with and we can get you on your way to long, luscious locks and a whole new world of self-confidence. Plus, seeing as hair extensions can be styled in any way that your natural hair could be, you should have no trouble getting those Kardashian waves now that you have so much more to experiment with!

Call Mane of Your Dreams today to make your first appointment!

Tips on Caring For Your Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are certainly not just for Hollywood mavens anymore; many everyday women are becoming extraordinary women by using hair extensions to add length, style and volume to their hairstyles. Whether made with real hair (like ours) or synthetic, hair extensions should be treated gently and with care. If it is your first time having hair extensions done, be sure to have them done by a true professional.


Now once you have had hair extensions added to your natural hair, you may have a few questions on how to keep them in as pristine condition as possible. For starters, you will want to know how to wash your hair extensions when it comes time to shower. Well firstly, you’ll want to gently comb out any tangles and brush the hair, preferably with a looper brush. If your hair extensions are applied using our safe and superior method, it will be easier to care for your extensions.

Use a mild good quality moisturizing shampoo and carefully shampoo your hair, working the suds down the length of your hair. Then gently rinse the hair and softly blot it dry. This method will keep it from getting twisted and tangled.

After shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner daily, which is the healthiest way to clean and moisturize your hair and extensions. Use a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles and to prevent them from occurring. When shampooing hair at night, it is best to let it dry completely before lying down to sleep. If you can, allow hair extensions to air dry, but if you are in a hurry and you must use a blow dryer, make sure that it is on low heat.

Generally speaking, as long as you are consciously making decisions to protect your investment, there is really no reason why you cannot treat and style your extensions the same way that you would your natural hair. Plus when you choose 100 percent human hair, like that used at Mane of Your Dreams, you’ll understand that unlike synthetic hair, there are much fewer restrictions on what can be done to your extensions, because they react just as your own hair would to hair products and styling tools.

For more information on extension care, don’t forget to ask your stylist once you’ve had them installed. We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have!


Can You Style Your Hair Extensions Like Your Natural Hair?


Once you’ve made the big decision not to live with damaged, thinning hair anymore, you may have a lot of big expectations. Not only do you want your locks to be luscious and attention-grabbing in all the right ways, but you want your extensions to look, feel and act like real human hair; you want it to be as though you’re not even wearing extensions.

Here at Mane of Your Dreams, we not only understand this, but we know you deserve this. That’s why we get it when our clients have questions about styling. One of the main questions we get from the ladies that step through our salon doors is, “Can I straighten, curl, cut or color my extensions?” Not only are they wary of whether or not their extensions will take to different styling treatments, but they are concerned that the use of chemicals and heated tools will damage the new locks.

The truth of the matter however, is that these worries are insignificant. Extensions used at the Mane of Your Dreams salon are 100 percent human hair, meaning that you can treat it just as you would your own natural head of hair. Of course, if you’re hoping to reuse your extensions for an extensive period of time, we would recommend that you be a bit gentler but for the most part, you’re free to go about your day-to-day life styling your new gorgeous locks however you please.

For additional information on styling, or for a few simple ideas on how to make the most of your hair extensions, contact Mane of Your Dreams today and take the first step towards a new life with long, gorgeous, voluminous hair!